Beef Jerky History

Its origins date way back during the 1800s where Quechua tribe in South America invented meat called ch’arki or charqui. The dish was prepared by adding salt to the meat strips of deer, elk, and buffalo. These strips were then left to dry either under the sun or using fire for a lengthy period. And, the resultant meat was very similar to what we now call beef jerky. There might be new ingredients added to the beef jerky recipe, but the core preparation remains the same.

Beef Jerky

Jerky could be preserved for more extended periods and then available for eating whenever required. When the Spanish found this meat preservation method, they loved it and quickly presented this new treat to everyone else. From American cowboys to early explorers, jerky became a staple foodstuff for all. With time, we have discovered even more flavors and seasonings to spice up its taste.

Popular American snack

Beef jerky is a popular meat serving whose invention is attributed to the Native Americans. Because jerky meat has a longer shelf life so it could be preserved even when there are no refrigerators. The famous American snack is prepared by marinating beef and then drying its strips. In a rapidly changing meat market, beef experienced sudden growth with over $240 Million of yearly sale in 1996. This is a direct result of its high protein and low-fat content making it a healthy prospect for everyone. Hence, people prefer bulk beef jerky orders because this way they can easily suffice their cravings.

Today, this meat is available in a wide range of exciting flavours at various restaurants and online stores. From spicy red peppered flavour to sweet garlic beef you should try them all. The meat usually has rough textures and is typically brown. Plus, the sodium content and flavours reduce moisture levels to less than 50% making it a completely nutritious diet. For a health-conscious person, beef jerky is probably the best meat for them.

Ingredients used in the beef jerky recipe

To make the best beef jerky, you need the best elements and components. Tasty jerky has premium & visually lean beef inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Generally, for producing a single pound of meat, it requires almost five pounds of beef jerky. Here, most of the fat is trimmed, and the meat is sliced into strips resulting in a healthy nutritious diet for all.

Apart from beef; turkey and pork are the other two popular alternatives that are used for preparing jerky. But, the meat prepared is slightly different in taste than the beef meat. The beef jerky recipe also includes a curing solution which prevents any harmful bacteria growth. The cure solution is generally comprised of water, salt, and sodium nitrite. Here, the salt dehydrates your meat while sodium nitrite prevents unpleasant taste and odour by eliminating rancidity.

There are many ingredients or common flavourings that are found in the beef jerky recipe. Some of these include:

  • Flank steak
  • Soy sauce
  • Pepper
  • Lemon juice
  • Monosodium Glutinate (MSG)
  • Garlic powder
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Dark corn syrup
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Liquid smoke
  • Honey and more

Most of these ingredients are present inside your jerky treats, and there are unique seasonings added for a specific serving. For example, spicy red pepper beef has all the right ingredients to leave you craving for water. Chefs these days have secret recipes which they use to create magical flavours for sufficing those jerky cravings.

Preparing & packaging beef jerky meat

  1. Remove bones and tissues from the ground beef before starting the fat removal process. There are two ways to trim out all the fat from beef jerky. Here, one method uses large centrifuge which spins and separate liquid fat particles from meat. The second method squeezes out the fat by pressing the meat.
  2. Next, the purity of meat is examined, and for this, some processes even include X-ray examinations. Here, any unwanted foreign particles are removed. Also, the curing solution is prepared to get rid of any bacteria present on the meat.
  3. After the purity test, meat is then cut into chunks using an automatic cutting machine. Now, frozen meat is allowed to defrost partially which releases any natural juices. Then, the jerky is dipped into a curing solution long enough for liquid penetration without risking meat contamination. Another method is to inject meat with a curing solution, but then it will require additional curing as well.
  4. Meat is then adequately frozen before it is trimmed into slices. For a more natural texture, prefer cutting beef in line with the meat fibre. Now, spread these strips on trays and place in ovens for the cooking process. Heat these strips to 160° F and then cool it up to 90° F. The process may take almost 12 hours in which the moisture is reduced up to 40%.
  5. Vacuum-sealed bags are preferred these days for packaging beef jerky treats. They preserve freshness, and there is no oxygen inside the packaging so zero chance of oxidation. Also, there are new resealable type packages which are vacuum sealed and zip locked.

This is how you prepare even bulk beef jerky treats. Most chefs have a traditional beef jerky recipe (secret recipe) for cooking your favourite jerky dish, but the initial preparation process remains the same.

Maintaining the quality of beef jerky

Certain Industrial standards set by the Government for raw materials used must be met for beef jerky preparation. Poor quality meat poses a significant risk to the health which is why the quality controls are set. The best beef jerky stores utilize the highest quality meat to create healthy & nutritious beef jerky for all.

From preparation to sanitation procedures, the entire process is subject to regulation. This ensures that the final product meets the highest standard set and doesn’t pose any health risk to the eater. As new flavours and seasonings are added into the beef jerky recipe, manufacturers develop new ways to keep the meat healthy.

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