10 Queen Elizabeth's habits helped her live 96 years

10 Queen Elizabeth's habits helped her live 96 years

1. Breakfast

Breakfast was a routine priority for Queen Elizabeth II, served at 8:30 a.m. sharp. She preferred cereals and tea.

2. Having Pets

FShe was a great lover of animals. People all over the world knew about her passion for Corgis.

3. Horse Riding

Since childhood, Queen Elizabeth II has been riding horses and keeping fit with this habit.

4. Drinking Tea

Like many British, Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed tea for breakfast and afternoon tea. She didn't mind a little milk, but she never added sugar to her tea.

5. Snacks In Small Portions

"Jam penny" sandwiches were served daily by Queen Elizabeth and consisted of jam spread on buttered white bread and cut into circles.

6. Laughter

Her Majesty's close friends and acquaintances reminisce about her enjoyment of funny jokes and her good sense of humor.

7. A loving relationship

Even though they were married for over 70 years, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth seemed extremely close.

8. Social Relations

A life-improving factor for Elizabeth II was that she was surrounded by family and friends who were always there for her.

9. Nature Walks

Queen Elizabeth loved gardening and walking outdoors, and people who spend a lot of time in nature may be healthier.

10. Have A Purpose In Life

It is no secret that Queen Elizabeth II dedicated her life to the service of the people and the states of the Commonwealth.

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