8 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 20

R-301 Carbine (Assault Rifle):Versatile and reliable, offering a balanced mix of accuracy and fire rate.

R-99 (Submachine Gun): High fire rate and low recoil, making it deadly in close-quarters combat.

Volt (Submachine Gun): Another powerful SMG with good damage output and manageable recoil.

Mastiff (Shotgun): A powerful shotgun with a high damage potential, especially in close-range engagements.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper (Sniper Rifle): A powerful bolt-action sniper rifle that can deal massive damage with a well-placed shot.

Wingman (Heavy Pistol): High damage per shot, favored for its precision and hitting hard with well-aimed shots.

Peacekeeper (Shotgun): A pump-action shotgun with a high damage output, especially with precision choke attachments.

Flatline (Assault Rifle): Known for its solid damage and manageable recoil, offering a good balance between assault rifles.