Best Anime Party Ideas


Design invitations featuring popular anime characters or symbols.


Deck out your space with anime posters, banners, and themed decorations.


Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite anime characters.


Anime Screening

Set up a viewing area where guests can watch episodes of their favorite anime series or classic anime movies.

Anime-themed Games

Plan some fun anime-themed games and activities. You could have trivia quizzes, charades based on anime characters or scenes, or even cosplay runway walks.

Japanese Snacks and Drinks

Serve a variety of Japanese snacks and drinks, such as sushi, ramen, mochi, Pocky sticks, and green tea.

Anime Music Playlist

Create a playlist featuring opening and ending theme songs from various anime series, as well as other Japanese musi

Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with props and backdrops inspired by anime themes.

Anime Merchandise Swap

Encourage guests to bring any anime merchandise they no longer want and set up a swap station where they can trade items with each other.

Party Favors

Send guests home with anime-themed party favors, such as keychains, stickers, or mini figurines.

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