Apples and bananas may be readily available at Costco, but if you don't consume them quickly enough for a bulk purchase, that package of apples may spoil sooner than you anticipate.

Fruits and vegetables

You probably won't find the edgy new release or specific book you're looking for at Costco. The book selection at the store is typically modest.


You may only be able to use a small amount of cinnamon or sea salt before it loses flavor, so throwing out flavourless leftovers could end up costing you money.


Finding a good mattress is crucial because you spend about one-third of your life sleeping. However, going to Costco might not be the best idea.


You might save money by purchasing your toilet paper per roll at the grocery store as opposed to a bulk warehouse.

Toilet paper

If you still crave Costco coffee, the retailer offers both whole bean coffee and reasonably priced coffee grinders.


When it comes to beer, wine, and spirits, Costco makes party planning incredibly simple.


Diapers must rank at the top of the list of items to buy in bulk. Even yet, babies go through diapers more quickly than they grow.


As individuals become more aware of food allergies or just prefer to try new foods, gluten-free baking is all the rage these days.

Almond Flour