7 Ultimate Things to Buy at the Dollar Store..!!

1. Portable toiletries

They're excellent for travel: toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, makeup wipes, mouthwash, and soap.

2. Washcloths and dish towels

The cost of dish towels and washcloths from the dollar store is unbeatable. But you need to exercise caution.

3. Bagged or boxed candy

Candy from the checkout lane will probably cost the same as, if not less, at the supermarket.

4. Dinnerware

A nice selection of open-stock dinnerware or dishware is frequently available at dollar stores.

5. Mugs and glasses

Another excellent purchase at dollar stores are mugs and glasses.

6. Vases and decorative bowls

Most likely, your local dollar store has a wide selection of styles at unbeatable prices.

7. Gift bags, boxes and wrapping paper

Shop for gift bags and wrapping paper as you collect your party supplies.