Possible Cyberthreats to the Paris Olympics

There has been a significant increase in compromised credentials related to the Paris Olympics available on the Dark Web, posing a major security threat.

Compromised Credentials

Attackers are expected to use Olympic-themed phishing lures to target businesses and attendees, with over 1,400 phishing domains already identified​.

Phishing Scams

Potential cyberattacks on the Paris Olympics 2024 target critical infrastructure, including IT systems for ticketing, stadium entry, TV broadcasts, and power supplies.

Critical Infrastructure Attacks

Threat actors targeting the Paris Olympics 2024 include cybercriminals, hacktivists, state-sponsored groups, individuals involved in gambling schemes, and even potentially athletes​.

Diverse Threat Actors

Attackers are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the sophistication and impact of cyberattacks targeting the Paris Olympics 2024.

Use of AI by Attackers

What are the threats to the Paris Olympics in 2024