How generative AI is boosting the spread of disinformation

This refers to the need for continuous adaptation and updating of security measures in response to evolving threats.

Human-Like Text Generation

AI models can generate vast amounts of content quickly and at scale, far surpassing the capacity of human writers.

Scalability and Speed

Advanced generative models can create highly realistic images, audio, and videos (deepfakes).


Generative AI can analyze large datasets to understand specific audience preferences and beliefs.

Targeted Disinformation

Generative AI can be used to produce content that reinforces existing beliefs and biases within specific communities.

Amplification of Echo Chambers

AI-powered bots can autonomously engage in online discussions, spreading disinformation by posting comments, and sharing fake news.

Automated Bots

Generative AI can produce optimized content designed to manipulate algorithms of search engines and social media platforms.

Manipulation of Search Engine Results

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