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8 ways to close the global gender gap

Promote equal access to quality education and integrate gender equality into curricula to foster awareness from an early age.

Education and Awareness

Ensure equal pay for equal work and improve women's access to financial resources and entrepreneurial support.

Economic Empowerment

Encourage and support women to run for political office and take on leadership roles through quotas and mentorship programs.

Political Representation

Ensure comprehensive access to reproductive health services and implement robust measures to combat gender-based violence.

Health and Well-being

Promote flexible work policies and leadership development programs to foster gender equality in the workplace.

Workplace Equality

Challenge and transform harmful gender stereotypes through inclusive cultural initiatives and community engagement.

Cultural and Social Change

Enforce anti-discrimination laws and implement gender-sensitive policies to address systemic barriers to gender equality.

Legislation and Policy

Foster global partnerships and collaboration to share best practices and resources for advancing gender equality on a worldwide scale.

International Cooperation

These are the 7 most gender-equal countries