How to Use Microsoft Designer 

Open the Application

Launch the Microsoft Office application where you want to utilize the Designer AI feature. This could be PowerPoint, Word, or any other Microsoft Office tool.

Create or Open Your Document

Start a new document or open an existing one where you want to apply design suggestions or other AI-driven enhancements.

Access the Designer AI Feature

In applications like PowerPoint, you'll typically find the Designer feature in the "Design" tab. In Word, it might be under the "Review" tab.

Apply Design Suggestions

If you're using Designer in PowerPoint, select a slide, and then click on "Design Ideas" to see layout suggestions based on your content.

Utilize AI Writing Suggestions

In Word, if you're using the Editor feature, it will automatically underline potential grammar and writing issues.

Customize and Review

Depending on the application, you might have options to customize the design suggestions or writing corrections provided by the AI.

Save Your Work

Once you're satisfied with the AI-driven enhancements, save your document as usual.

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