7 Laws for Gender Equality in Iceland

Iceland's robust legal framework ensures women's equality through comprehensive laws that mandate equal pay, and promote gender parity.

Women’s Equality Protected by Law

Icelandic law mandates that companies with over 50 employees ensure their boards comprise at least 40% women.

Companies’ Boards Must Include At Least 40% Women

Iceland boasts the best parental leave policy in the world, offering equal and extensive leave to both parents to foster gender equality..

Best Parental Leave Policy in the World

In Iceland, 'Equal Pay for Equal Work' is virtually mandatory, with strict laws..

‘Equal Pay For Equal Work’, Almost Mandatory

From preschool to college, Iceland's education system integrates gender equality into the curriculum.

From Preschool to College, Kids Learn Gender Equality

In Iceland, paying for sex is illegal, reflecting the country's strong stance against prostitution and its commitment to protecting individuals from exploitation.

Paying For Sex Is Illegal

Iceland's Ministry of Gender Equality spearheads initiatives and policies to promote gender equality and safeguard women's rights.

Ministry of Gender Equality

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