10 Jobs that AI will replace in future

Repetitive and routine data entry tasks can be efficiently handled by AI systems.

Data Entry Clerks

Automated systems and chatbots are increasingly taking over telemarketing and customer service roles.


Self-checkout systems and automated payment solutions are reducing the need for human cashiers.


AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants are becoming more capable of handling customer inquiries and support.

Customer Service Representatives

AI can automate many accounting tasks, from bookkeeping to basic financial analysis.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerks

Virtual receptionists and automated scheduling systems are replacing human receptionists in some settings.


Robots and AI systems are widely used in manufacturing for tasks such as assembly, welding, and packaging.


Autonomous delivery vehicles and drones are being developed to replace human delivery drivers.

Delivery and Courier Services

AI tools for grammar and spell-checking are becoming increasingly sophisticated, reducing the need for human proofreaders.


AI can analyze large datasets and generate insights, potentially replacing human analysts in some market research roles.

Market Research Analysts

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