7 Katy Perry American Idol Facts

Judging Role

Katy Perry joined "American Idol" as a judge for its reboot in 2018. She was part of the judging panel alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.


Perry became one of the highest-paid judges in reality television when she signed on for "American Idol."

Previous Connections

Before becoming a judge, Perry had a history with "American Idol." She performed on the show several times over the years, including during the early stages of her career.

Supportive Judge

Known for her quirky personality and colorful style, Perry brought a unique energy to the judging panel.

Controversial Moments

Perry's time on "American Idol" wasn't without controversy. Some viewers criticized her for being too harsh on contestants, while others appreciated her honesty.

Fan Interactions

Perry's presence on the show drew in her massive fanbase, adding to the excitement surrounding the reboot of "American Idol."


Perry's stint as a judge on "American Idol" helped solidify her status as a household name and further expanded her reach beyond the music charts.


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