Kole Imports, a renowned importer and wholesaler of general merchandise and unique closeout deals with headquarters in the US, was founded more than 30 years ago.

Kole Imports-US-based Importer And Wholesaler

Numerous categories, including home goods, electronics, pet supplies, clothing, gifts, and toys, are represented by thousands of products at Kole Imports.

Additionally, Kole Imports offers a wide variety of branded goods from companies like Krafters Korner, Garden Depot, and Sterling Tools.

Small quantities of each product are offered for sale at trade rates. Due to this, Kole Imports is the perfect supplier for new businesses, e-commerce sites, and online retailers.

General merchandise, closeouts, home goods, kitchenware, garden accessories, apparel, cosmetics, fashion accessories, tools, pet supplies, toys, and presents are all included.


1. Leading general merchandise wholesaler established in the US

Features Of Kole Importers USA

2. Greater than 10,000 items across hundreds of categories

Features Of Kole Importers USA

3. Large selection of branded goods and closeout discounts

Features Of Kole Importers USA

4. Suitable for online merchants and online shops

Features Of Kole Importers USA