What is Spatial Computing

Spatial computing refers to the process of interacting with digital information that is integrated into the physical world around us.

Key components of spatial computing include

Overlaying digital information on the real world, enhancing the user's perception of their environment.

Augmented Reality

Creating entirely digital environments that users can interact with as if they were real.

Virtual Reality

Combining elements of both AR and VR, allowing digital and physical objects to coexist and interact in real-time.

Mixed Reality

Technologies that enable devices to understand and map the physical environment, often using sensors like LiDAR, cameras, and GPS.

Spatial Mapping and Localization

Interfaces that allow users to interact with digital content in three dimensions, often through gestures, voice commands, or specialized input devices.

3D User Interfaces

Systems that understand the context of the user's environment and actions, allowing for more responsive interactions.

Contextual Computing

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