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How to deal with AI disinformation

Educate the public on media literacy and critical thinking to recognize and combat AI-generated disinformation.

Education and Awareness

Develop and deploy AI tools that detect and mitigate disinformation, enhancing content verification processes.

Technological Solutions

Implement regulations that mandate transparency and accountability for AI-generated content to curb disinformation.

Policy and Regulation

Foster international collaboration and establish accessible reporting mechanisms to swiftly address AI-generated disinformation.

Collaboration and Reporting

Continuously invest in research to innovate detection methods and stay ahead of evolving AI disinformation tactics.

Research and Development

Promote transparency in the origins and algorithms of AI-generated content, ensuring accountability for disseminating disinformation.

Transparency and Accountability

Engage communities in verifying information through crowdsourced platforms and trusted networks to combat AI-generated disinformation effectively.

Community Engagement

How generative AI is boosting the spread of disinformation