5 Things To Consider When Putting CCTV Cameras In Your Home

cctv camera
cctv camera

Installing CCTV cameras in your home is vital, but do you know where to install them or what to consider? CCTV cameras act as a third eye to protecting your property. It’s the best way to deter or catch intruders with undeniable evidence. However, when choosing the best security camera to use in your home, you should also consider the right placement for them. A proper installation process results in a sound system. Not having one in place creates a useless system.

To avoid this problem, here are factors to consider when installing CCTV cameras in your home:


This factor is especially vital for outdoor cameras. For example, if you don’t buy weatherproof cameras, you need to find a way to protect your home CCTV from the harsh weather elements. In addition, it’s important to ensure that things like growing trees or branches won’t block the CCTV view or angle of glare. Failing to consider these factors may lead to distorted images, which could prove difficult to identify an intruder.

Camera Angle

The angle of the CCTV camera should complement the placement for an effective system. You must place your cameras at the best angles for the most reliable footage, which is easy with wireless security cameras as they are small and don’t need wiring.

If you are putting cameras above windows and doors, ensure the angle is so that it captures anyone getting in or leaving the house. If hiding the cameras isn’t giving you the best view, feel free to make them visible. It’s one of the ways to scare away intruders.

Past Break-Ins

If you have been a burglary victim, it’s a perfect reason to install home CCTV. Whether it was at your last residence or in your current one, it never hurts to be prepared to take precautions. If you are a new tenant or homeowner, you can ask past tenants, owners, neighbors, and landlords about the security aspect. It will help you identify potential risks or weak spots that need extra surveillance.

Offenders who are smart enough and complete their crimes before CCTV systems can record them will have fewer chances of being captured by the police. Unfortunately, they know how to avoid CCTV cameras. They know about the angle, range and speed are limited, so they can make a robbery by keeping the mind, the angle of the CCTV. Despite the speed of the crime, CCTV data from the Home Office show a reduction in car thefts in car parks. Besides that, expert thieves have more options to complete their robbery before any policeman arrives, but they always fail when they are caught on camera.

The Entry Points

While past break-ins can help you know areas needing extra surveillance, entry points are also crucial. According to statistics, most burglary entry points are usually the back and front door. Therefore, you need to install CCTV cameras in these areas. Not only for burglary, but it will also help you if the kids get out or someone leaves the house without notice.

Vulnerable Areas In The Home

Which are some of the easiest or most vulnerable places in your home that might need surveillance? After the front door, the next immediate place is usually your living room. For such places, you can install wireless security cameras as they are easy to install and blend in with other household items. Additionally, dimly lit places like corridors or next to the gate.

Installing security cameras in your home helps improve your property security. However, know the strategic places to install the cameras for maximum or best coverage during installation. Also, you need to get permission and follow data protection and privacy laws. Additionally, do not install your cameras facing the sun; this will cause glare in the footage making it difficult to tell what’s happening.

If the CCTV cameras are installed for public schemes, then offenders may leave the target area. But as an alternative, they may head to another area. According to Home Office data, crime decreased in the days leading up to the CCTV system activation. Alternatively, if the CCTV system is kept private, offenders may be deterred by the thought that CCTV cameras may also monitor other areas. So you should keep in mind this thing.


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