Requirements You Must Meet For A Visitor Visa

    visitor visa requirements for Canada

    Canada is one of the most highly preferred tourist destinations. Millions of people from across the world flock to the place every year with family and friends to experience Canada’s natural landscapes and artificial wonders. From exploring the country’s natural beauty to experiencing life in ultra-modern cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec and Toronto, there’s a lot of sightseeing you can do during your stay in Canada. 

    The process one must follow to enter Canada is not a cakewalk considering the number of laws the Canadian Government has laid out for immigrants. If you are not from any visa-exempted country, you should apply for a visitor’s visa and get it approved before travelling to Canada.

    The tourist visa process is simple. It is not very easy either. Before applying for one, you should meet the visitor visa requirements for Canada. Once you know you are eligible, you can apply for it. Continue reading this article to know your requirements for a visitor visa and how to apply for one.

    Visitor Visa for Canada

    The Canadian visitor visa is a travel permit that allows you to visit the country for up to six months. The two types of visitor visas for Canada are:

    • Single Entry Visa 
    • Multiple Entry Visa

    With a single entry visa, a foreign national can visit Canada only once. The Canadian authorities issue this in rare cases. With a multiple-entry visa, the visa holder can visit Canada as often as possible if the visa is valid. You can choose and apply for your preferred visa. The Canadian Government considers all applicants for multiple-entry visas.

    With a visitor visa for Canada, you can visit the country for tourism or leisure. You can even use it for a short business trip, though you cannot use it for applying for work. It takes a month to process visitor visas in most cases.

    Visitor Visa Requirements or Eligibility Criteria

    As a visitor to Canada, you must meet the basic requirements for getting a visa. These requirements are listed below:

    • You should have a legal travel document. It can be a valid travel document, be it a valid passport, or an identity document issued by an international or a government organization. It should have your details and your photograph, permitting you to travel to overseas locations. Your travel document or passport is accepted by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) only if it is legal and has not expired (it should be valid for at least the next six months).
    • You should not have any convictions related to immigration or any criminal records.
    • You need adequate funds to support your stay in Canada financially. You must present proof of funds while applying for a visitor’s visa. Failure to provide this evidence results in your visa application getting rejected.
    • Your health must be good. You need to undergo a medical examination (Immigration Medical Exam) if your duration of stay or visa issued is for more than six months. You don’t need to undergo this test if your trip is for less than six months.
    • You should convince the consulate authorities that you intend to return to your home country before your visa expires. Your ties to your home country, like your family members, home, job, or financial assets, can help you prove this.
    • You must present a letter of invitation from a permanent resident or citizen of Canada (this is only required if it applies to you).

    You need to satisfy these requirements for a Canadian visitor’s visa.

    Canadian Visitor’s Visa Application Process

    Here’s a step-by-step process that can guide you through the tourist visa application process:

    1. Fill out the visitor’s visa application form online. Ensure that you carefully fill in all the required details. Download the duly filled form and enclose a copy of all the required documents.
    2. Pay for the application or visa processing fee and submit your application at the nearest visa application centre.
    3. The next step is biometrics. You have to give your photo and fingerprints.
    4. Attend your visa interview if it gets scheduled. Prepare well so that you can clear this interview.
    5. The result of this interview will decide whether your visa will be approved or not.


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