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    Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India
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    Good profile, a rapport that speaks for itself, and lots of motivation. If you closely follow these three pillars. You can become a freelancer today! In this post, we will be diving into the top 10 freelancing websites in India. But, before that, have you been looking for freelance websites in India? First and foremost, good projects require excellent skills. That being said, let’s check out a good starting point for your freelancing career. 

    An extended list of top 10 freelance websites in India:

    1) Upwork: For a new freelancer in India, individuals needed something dynamic, fast yet easy-to-use. Enter Upwork. The Upwork website runs on top of the list; the reason is the highest number of projects offered on this platform. Millions of freelancers leverage Upwork to do work remotely. Upwork is available for a variety of platforms. It is a fantastic platform for finding freelance jobs for all levels of expertise. No matter whether you are a beginner or intermediate – this platform is for you. There is an extensive list of categories to choose from, for example: – 

    a. Writing

    b. Coding 

    c. Designing

    d. Development, and much more. 

    The platform allows time tracking so that your clients can know how hard you have been working for them. 

    2) Fiverr: Second, one of the great options next to Upwork is a platform that offers many jobs for individuals with Indian nationality. Fiverr provides a lot of career opportunities and categories. It is also considered one of the most secure platforms when it comes to payments. On the other hand, users have to pay a minimum of 20% fee to use the platform. Overall, it is the platform, aka digital marketplace for digital services. 

    3) Toptal: As of now, we have covered the two most popular platforms in the world for freelancing jobs. Although, on the first look, the platform name sounds close to “total”,; Toptal stands for “Top Talent.” The founder Taso Du Val and Branden Beneschott bring to use Toptal. This platform was established back in 2010. It is located in Silicon Valley and is considered one of the best freelancing websites. Plus, Toptal is super remote-friendly, and you can find some of the best software engineers, designers, testers, QA, writers, and business consultants. One of its unique features is that it does not offer bids for projects or any similar model. On this platform, you will be able to find freelancers, prospective customers, etc. You can directly connect with others; you don’t need any third thing. 

    4) Freelancer: Looking for freelance jobs in India for freshers? Seek no further, my friend. Because here is Freelancer. Certainly, one of the best freelance job sites in India. Freelancer platform is based on an immensely popular platform named Upwork. This platform follows the same suit, so you have to bid for the projects that suit your profile. So, the number of bids you can make with a free profile is quite low. On the other hand, you can leverage paid profiles and utilize more bids each month. Plus, similar to Upwork, this platform also has a desktop tracker that allows you to log time on a project worked upon.

    5) Guru: One of the other stars on the list is a popular freelancing website that has captured over 3 million registered users. This website is here for 20 years, and that is proof of its credibility. This platform includes digital marketing, sales, administration, legal and engineering, and entertainment from multiple categories to multiple industries. The platform charges around a 4.96% – 8.96% transaction fee. Although, one of the factors affecting fee is the membership level. On the other hand, you can join and apply for jobs at zero cost. But, you will only get 10 bids per month. In case you want more bids, then go with paid membership.

    6) Truelancer: In case you have an incredible idea or solution! Perhaps you are looking for a team to bring your vision to reality. No matter what solution you have, this is a platform where you can reach out to freelancers in India. Truelancer offers an easy-to-use portal and smooth interface with an exclusive edge. There are both desktop and mobile applications for Truelancer. So, you can connect with like-minded people on-the-go. The application sends notifications to users so that you won’t miss any job opportunities. Also, Truelancer takes 8-10% of the billed amount.

    People Per Hour Review - September 2020

    7) People per hour: As the name suggests. People per hour are for the people by the people. It is a massively popular website and puts a lot of emphasis on projects per hour. While in earlier days, this would turn out to be a blunder, but the workstream helps keep track of all the things. Also, it helps in keeping disputes at bay. People per hour platform runs on a smooth fee structure, which ranges from 5%-20%.

    8) Quigig: QuiGig is relatively new in the freelance industry. Nevertheless, it poses a great opportunity and remarkable security. It is one of the safest platforms for both freelancers and clients. This platform is designed to give an integrated platform to those working on Upwork. In other words, it makes it easier for freelancers to get projects. Plus, it is both an offline and online project which are available here.

    9) Work n Hire: We have already covered 8/10 top freelancing sites in India. Next on the list is WorkNHire – a leading Indian freelancing website. Its founders, Mr. Kumar Mukul and Manish Prakash, aimed to offer one of the best work to Indian freelancers. WorkNHire would help you sign up and fill out your profile, skills, achievements, and experience. Once you start with this, finding freelance jobs online becomes super simple. Plus, you can start bidding; the working model is the same as Upwork or Freelancer. In other words, it is an easy-to-use WorkNHire platform. One of the best benefits of this platform is that freelancers can directly connect with clients in the nearby locality. In this way, you can make more assertive communication, and chances are you will get better projects.

    10) Outsourcely: Last on our list of top 10 freelancing websites in India is a long-term employment option. For remote workers, outsource is a pandora box. You can get both full-time as well as part-time projects. Not to mention there is a lot of categories to choose from, including: 

    a. Real Estate

    b. Digital Marketing 

    c. Software development

    d. Accounting, and much more. 

    Founded back in 2014, Outsourcely presently has 300k remote workers across 180+ countries. 

    In the end…

    In this post, we dived deep into the top 10 freelancing websites in India. There are a lot more options out there, so we filtered out the best. Most of the websites work, as mentioned above for individuals from Indian nationality. And, you too can get a project online depending on your experience. They serve as a good starting point for your freelancing career.


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