Top 5 Reasons to Watch Game of Thrones

reasons to watch game of thrones
Top 5 reasons to watch game of thrones

If you love stories of king and queen and trying to find a remarkable, keep you on the sting of your seat show, then Game of Thrones is simply the show for you. Of course, there are some things concerning the show that may be worrisome to look at but within the finish, it’s positively priced! GOT has such an intense and sophisticated storyline that you simply can quickly be bound up within the world of Westeros. GOT has so much to offer that you would love it forever. Therefore here are five reasons to watch the game of thrones.

Strong GOT Female Characters

The women during this series are simply badasses. At the start of the series, girls are terribly degraded however it changes very soon. And you will find all-female Clever, intelligent, fierce, and courageous. These women are the kind of gals we would like to see. In Got series every female is playing her character very well and totally different.


There is invariably a scene where characters are fighting or you want someone would simply kill the other. You perpetually want to be within the moment with these characters, that is incredibly intense. The battles can place you on the edge of your seat, however, thus can the smaller scenes. Every moment, each action, and each second will keep you guessing


After watching the Game of Thrones, you will start believing that it has one of the best screenplay shown on the small screen. The depiction of the characters has led to worldwide approval, in terms of location, style of medieval buildings and also the characters. Nearly every episode has been directed by a distinct person. The roles of the characters are fully instilled in the main cast, which is an accomplishment since the situation is about nearly 5000 years from the current.

The Shock Value

GOT is best known for its shock value. You can not even imagine what the next scene is going to happen. As soon as you start loving a character, he is killed in some way. There are some characters that you will hate, but by the end, they will start appealing to you. This factor forces you to watch the series and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Really Great Writing

George RR Martin has doubtless enclosed one of the best sellers of all time. The story is endlessly interweaving between the Fight for the seven kingdoms, the fight on the far side of the majestic wall of ice with the white walkers and also the rise of Daenerys Targaryen across the narrow seas. To visualize all this in an exceedingly TV series was created attainable by David Benioff and DB Wiess and their determination to provide the audience with one of kind show that didn’t go amiss.

According to me, these are enough reasons to watch Game of Thrones. But if you are in quarantine and feeling bored then that’s another reason to watch the game of thrones, here are some best movies about pandemics to watch during quarantine. If you have any other reasons to watch the game of thrones then please share them in the comments.


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