The Top 8 AI-powered Copywriting Tools You Should Know About

8 best ai copywriting tools

Content writing is a major part of the internet industry, and it’s important for you to know which tools will be most beneficial for your content. This blog article includes an overview of 8 key AI-powered copywriting tools you should know about.

Why AI copywriting tools are useful and necessary

Copywriting is an essential part of marketing, and AI-powered copywriting tools are becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of reasons why AI-powered copywriting tools are useful and necessary.

First, AI-powered copywriting tools can help to automate the process of writing copy. This means that you can spend less time editing and formatting your content, and more time promoting your product or service.

Second, AI-powered copywriting tools can help to improve the quality of your content. They can identify and correct grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as rewrite sections that need improvement. This means that your content will be more accurate and error-free, which will make it more likely to attract the attention of potential customers.

Finally, AI-powered copywriting tools can help to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. They can generate more leads and sales in a shorter amount of time than traditional methods, which is great news for businesses looking to grow their business quickly.

How can AI copywriting tools improve my content writing?

Copywriting tools like AI-powered ones can improve your content writing by helping to automate the process. AI-powered tools can identify the most important points and phrases in a piece of writing and help you to craft them into memorable sentences. They can also help you to find and correct grammar mistakes.

This type of tool is especially useful for people who are new to copywriting. It can take the complex process of content writing and make it easier for you to understand. This means that you can focus on creating quality content instead of worrying about the mechanics of it.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your content writing skills, then an AI-powered copywriting tool might be the right solution for you.

8 Best AI-powered tools to help you write better content

Copywriting is an essential skill for any content creator, and AI-powered tools can help you write better content faster.

Here are the Eight Best AI writing tools for you to pick from, each of which has been developed with careful consideration for what people need.

1. Copy AI

From brainstorming topics to crafting social media posts, CopyAI can help you go from stuck to inspired in minutes. AI-powered CopyAI uses structured data and machine learning to supply content for your blog that has the same quality as a human-generated blog post.
CopyAI uses machine language and GPT-3 to produce human-like content in minutes. You set parameters, provide words and phrases to work with and watch CopyAI do the rest.

2. Jasper

A powerful AI tool, Jasper is able to write content in a variety of situations. Working with SEO and marketing experts, it provides content for articles, blog posts, emails, videos, and advertisements.
Jasper also is equipped with Boss Mode which speeds up the writing process. For small businesses or individuals who want less price risk, the Starter Plan costs $29 monthly.
The more expensive Executive Plan features additional features like an improved plagiarism-checking function and Grammarly grammar checking.
It can be used by multiple authors with no extra charge, and it supports up to twenty-five languages including English and Spanish.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic’s GPT-3 language model uses powerful AI to generate blog posts, landing pages, adverts, product descriptions, and emails, so it’s a top choice if you need a versatile writing tool.
The flexibility extends to Writesonic. It contains more than forty templates and even has a short paragraph field where you can describe your blog post, which will generate twelve different versions based on your input.
Writesonic is an app where you can submit a couple of lines and publish an article that requires only light editing. The AI behind the app is updated constantly to reflect search ranking, and a free trial is available if you want to test it before subscribing.

The basic service costs $15 USD per month, while the professional package is unlimited and costs $45. The startup or agency tiers are designed for businesses with more customers, reports, and quality control metrics.

4. Wordtune

With the use of Wordtune AI, you can have your sentences always working in real-time and make sure language stays consistent. The companion for writers, Wordtune uses holistic data to help writers provide quality content without sacrificing tone or meaning.

This tool helps marketers create unique content by improving their writing skills by giving them freedom over word choice and sentence structure. It’s best for those who want to write copy without needing a fully-fledged article generator.

If you just want help rewording a sentence or two, there’s a free plan. Though, if you want access to features like sentence length controllers and tone controls, sign up for Premium. You can either pay $24.99 a month or save money and pay $119 for the year. You’ll receive access to all features other than team billing.

5. Copysmith

Copysmith is the copywriter tool that gives you the tools to create stellar content on a wide scale. Freelancers and marketing teams alike can use it to drive growth in their business through tastefully tailored marketing messages.

Copymatic offers three subscription plans, with Starter at $192 and Monthly at $19. For your money, you’ll get 20 plagiarism checks per month with Chrome extensions to access the service right within your browser.

There’s the Professional tier, which costs $50 per month ($600 per year), or $199 for twelve monthly payments. You get everything in the Starter package with extra plagiarism checks, plus 100 blog posts generated for you for around-the-clock business inspiration.

6. Wordsmith

If you’re a data junkie, Wordsmith is the solution. This platform generates unique content that sounds like humans wrote it- perfect for everything from journalism to financial reporting.
Wordsmith gives you the power to create multiple scripts and use them to write chatbots, video game scripts, or financial reports with ease. All you need is a few variables for your script and 3,000 financial reports are published every quarter!
There is no publicly available pricing plan for Wordsmith, so you’ll need to request a free demo, and identify your business’s content needs to get a quote.

7. Ink

Ink is an enterprising AI on the writing scene that has been used by companies like Google, Uber, and Salesforce. Additionally, it has some innovative features.

Using the same GPT-3 AI as Writesonic, Ink offers a new and creative way to create original content without coding experience. The Ink API is fluent in text expansion and simplification too which means you’ll be creating magazine-length articles in minutes.

Ink has a distraction-free text editor for on-the-go writing and can generate multiple articles per job so you have more than enough options. Ink is adaptable for multiple social media adverts and YouTube uploads. Ink reviews your grammar to produce better content through content-checking software, too.

Ink Free will generate ten free articles monthly, which is much more generous than AI tools. With the Ink Pro or Unlimited packages, you get unlimited articles and a better scoring system along with extra features.

8) Copymatic

Copymatic uses GPT-3 AI language model and is trained based on the knowledge of copywriters and conversion specialists for use in a variety of areas.
One unique feature seen in very few AI writers is the ability to access their API which can come in handy for advanced users. Their main sections for creating AI content include i) social media and ads, ii) website copy, iii) blog content and iv) e-commerce copy.
It also has a number of other tools such as rewriters and grammar checkers to improve the personalized content generated by their generation algorithm.

Copymatic pricing model is based on the number of credits that allow generating a certain number of words. The starter plan offers limited 1,000 credits, while their pro plan offers unlimited.

How to find the best AI writer

How do you choose the best AI writer for your blog? Because there are a plethora of tools, this task can be daunting.

Now that you have seen some of the best options for AI writers, it can be useful to create a shortlist and spend time using trial versions to see which one works best.

Make sure that the software you’re considering meets your long-term needs, as well.

Tell us your favorite AI writer in the comments below.





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