What are the Stages involved in the Oracle Certification Examination?

Oracle Certification Examination Stages

Oracle is one of the most prestigious companies in the world with many software opportunities. They offer many certifications to professionals who wish to expand or build their skill set. For this reason, Oracle courses are extremely popular, and every professional aspires to undergo Oracle training. More than 200 certifications are available in nine categories. There are six certification levels, starting with Junior Associate and the highest being a Specialist. Before embarking on an Oracle Course, you must know the basics of one.

Why Do You Want to Get Certified?

Oracle offers both online and offline options for training. But, if your aim is to get certified to improve your employability chances, it’s better that you go through the company itself. Depending on your core competence and interest, getting certified with oracle courses will surely give your resume a much-needed boost.

The Stages of Oracle Certification

You must keep an eye out for the popular courses. If they are popular, it means that those skills are in demand, and you should upskill yourself. Oracle Cloud certification and Oracle Java certification are two of the most in-demand courses as the majority of the jobs are based in those areas. Oracle Certification is another top-rated yet challenging course.

If you want to enroll in an Oracle course, you must understand the various stages, from learning to giving the exam.

Read on to know what these stages are.
  1. Oracle Certified Associate or OCA: It is an entry-level certification. It is for professionals who have passed two out of the four exams of OCP. To pass this exam, the best way to prepare is to thoroughly go through the training classes and fundamentals of the course content. Since this is an entry-level exam, please do not take it lightly. Be sure to prepare for it diligently, as an OCA certification will set the course for all future certifications.


  1. Oracle Certified Professional or OCP: This is a challenging exam, and to pass it, you have to clear four different exams. It would help if you prepared seriously for these exams as they will test your skills, understanding, and proficiency in the technical aspects of Oracle. If you are skeptical about your ability to prepare independently, there are various training classes that you can attend to prepare in a structured and systematic manner.


  1. Oracle Certified Master of OCM: This is the highest-level certification to become an Oracle-certified associate. To earn this credential, you must have the Oracle Practice Test Professional certification followed by a highly tricky and challenging on-site practice.

Tips to Crack the Oracle Exam

Oracle examinations are challenging; you can’t just decide to take them on a whim. It requires intense preparation and practice to complete successfully. Below listed are some techniques that you can follow to crack the exam.

  • Study the Pattern

Go through the exam pattern, the number of questions, and duration. Then move on to the syllabus and previous papers. This way, you will understand how much time you need to dedicate to each topic to optimize your preparation. Using this, make a checklist of topics according to priority. The ones you’re most comfortable with should be left for the end, and those which need more work by you should be prioritized.

  • Resources

The resources available for the exam preparation are plenty, but you should be wise in choosing the resources and only choosing the most relevant ones. Download the official PDFs of exam manuals for easier access.

  • Practice Questions

Practice the questions from previous years, search for books with practice papers and look for online practice questions. In short, there is no substitute for practice. Practice is an excellent way of evaluating your progress. If you don’t do well on the practice questions of one topic, don’t move on to the next one without resolving all the issues.


An Oracle course will work wonders for your skill, knowledge, and employability. It will provide you with a much-required edge to survive and thrive in the job market. Choose the course which aligns with your professional goals and work systematically to get certified with flying colors.


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