Top 5 Football Games for Android Users

best football games for android

Football games for Android are unquestionably one of the most popular mobile games. Football entertains most individuals due to its superb and exciting qualities.

Many of them now provide both offline and online games for gamers to enjoy during their leisure time.

Although just a few offer realistic visuals and licensed teams, they all strive to provide you with the most satisfactory football experience possible in some way.

In this article, We have covered some of the best football games for android 2021 that you should play on your mobile devices.

Top 5 Football Games for Android Users

1. FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA Mobile Soccer is a free Android app that offers the mobile version of the popular FIFA football game. It is one of the most popular online football games, with a massive fan following worldwide.

It features jaw-dropping gameplay and breathtaking graphics. You can join one of the 33 countries and choose from 550 real-life teams to form your team.

FIFA Mobile Football allows you to compete in your own personal World Cup. You can instantly begin constructing, managing, and customizing your team in this game so that you can enjoy playing with it. You may play in a variety of nations and even win rewards based on your location.

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2. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer, developed by First Touch Games, is the game that comes closest to competing with global heavyweights Konami and EA. The game offers a wide range of players to sign, as well as a fun league system.

You may customize it to meet your needs, create and manage your team, upgrade the stadium, purchase and manage your favorite players, organize various training sessions, and design your club’s shirt.

DLS is a football game to grip onto, with very realistic animations and 606fps. Play for trophies and challenges such as the All-Stars Cup, Champions League, Global Challenge Cup, etc.

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3. eFootball PES 2021

We can’t afford to miss out on this fantastic game. This action-packed and feature-packed game is deserving of a place among the top online football games.

Choose your favorite legends and have fun playing soccer with your buddies. Every time you play it, you’ll get a new experience because of its smooth gameplay and attractive graphics.

It also allows you to select the top football players from the past and present for your club.
Individual player behavior, such as David Beckham’s free-kicks and Ronaldinho’s skills, is too easy to pull off in the PES Mobile game, from shooting to how a player receives the ball.

Furthermore, Konami has signed a record amount of legends this year, including Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, Alessandro Del Piero, Diego Maradona, Ruud Gullit, and Rafael van der Vaart and Shinji Nakamura, as well as lesser-known luminaries like Rafael van der Vaart and Shinji Nakamura.

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4. Real Football

Real football is a fun mobile football game that has a large variety of licenced football players and teams.

Although the graphics aren’t as good as other mobile games, many people enjoy it because it doesn’t take up much device storage and runs smoothly on most Android smartphones.

The most recent version of this game includes a slew of new features. If you’re bored, this is an enjoyable game to play. The current version of the game is only available for Android, not iOS.

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5. Score Hero

Score Hero is the best fantasy card game to play if you enjoy fantasy card games. This game provides a plethora of options that many people find appealing.

You may add new players to your team and make it the best it’s ever been. You can also play as a manager in addition to being a player.

You may add new players to your team and make it the best it’s ever been. You can also play as a manager in addition to being a player.

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Prepare to kick the ball and cheer on your favorite players to victory. Pick one of the best football games for Android from the list above.

Because of their high-quality graphics, many game modes, and unique features, these mobile football games will provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

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