Find out Best Computer Languages for Video Game Design?

computer languages for video game design
video game design languages

Just like the games are varied, so is the technology of video games. From a technological point of view, there is a lot of diversity in the industry of video games. Before writing the code, the game developers try to identify which type of games the people like, and then on this basis, they develop games for mobile platforms, PCs, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Video games’ biggest market comprises games of Android mobile and iOS mobile. It has been found that in 2014, the number of smartphones sold across the whole world was more than 900 million. This is known to the industry of video games. Do you want to develop games by yourself? For this, you need to have a knowledge of programming languages so that you can do the coding for mobile platforms, PCs, and consoles. Along with this, a lot of time is needed for the game design, images, sound, and textures. Now I am going to describe the best computer languages for video game design.

Developing console games – The Console industry’s two big players are Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Here, C# is the most used programming language because of the Mono based SDK in PlayStation. Developers mostly use the C++ language for developing PlayStation games that are traditional also. For bigger games, you can use additional development tools.

Developing desktop games – The desktop computers’ game development has a rich history. You may be familiar with the Lotus car game which was an old game and was very good at its time. X286 machines were used to run this game. Delphi and Pascal were used for creating some games. Actually, a programming language that was popular was Delphi. C was also popular. The dev languages of modern times replaced these old languages.

In today’s time, game developers are using CUDA, which is a programming platform. Mathematical operations’ parallel execution is offered by CUDA. It is also used for creating textures and graphics that are realistic. For developing games, we can also use Python. Eve-online is an example. For building games, a developer-friendly library is PyGame. By using Python, games can be built very easily. It was possible to create games using a leading platform known as Flash but it was slow and insecure.

Developing mobile games – C#, objective-C and Java are the three big players in the mobile market. Java is used for Android mobile. The Android platform is supported by Unity. Sparrow, SpriteKit, and Cocos2d are some alternatives offered by iOS.

Tools for additional development – For rendering, animations, sprites, and textures, a tool that is widely used is Blender. In 1998, the industry of game development was stunned by Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine 4 is its current version. UScript or UnrealScript is a programming language that is new and has been developed by Epic Games. For developing Xbox, Unity was adopted by Microsoft. Windows Phone, Android, Apple TV, PS Vita, Xbox, PS4, PS3 are supported by C# and C++.

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