How iPhone is better than Android phones

How iPhone is better than Android phones
How iPhone is better than Android phones

Reasons How iPhone is better than Android phones

Are you planning to buy a new smartphone and having trouble in deciding between Apple iPhone and Android Phones? Don’t worry here are the reasons which explain that how iPhone is better than android phones.

  1. iPhone users get the top apps first

The iPhone has the smaller market share than android phones, but still, many best apps and games come first on iPhone, it’s true that you can use these popular and top apps and games on Android too but they don’t always have iPhone like designs and features.

2. Better design than Android Phones

The Market doesn’t have many great designed android smartphones, Android phones are chunky and plasticky. That’s why iPhone is way better or great looking than Android smartphones.

3. Fast IOS updates for all

One of the best things about iPhone is that iPhone users can enjoy fast and regular IOS updates. No matter what carrier you are using or where you are.

4. Works More Better with All Devices.

If you have an iPhone, iPad and Mac You can easily transfer your data or Information from one device to another device, you can easily answer your phone calls from iPad and mac and also send text messages from other devices.

5. The Best Smartphone Payment System: Apple Pay

Apple Pay has many competitors like Samsung pay and Android Pay, but so far Apple pay is the most popular way for mobile payments. It is very easy to use the mobile payment method that’s also accepted by major retailers and manufacturers.

6. Best Customer service and support

If You have any problem with your android phone, where do you go? Carrier is the answer of many people. But Any carrier doesn’t have that kind of service and support which apple gives you.

If anything goes wrong with your iphone, you can try a vast database of useful  articles on Apple website, also can take help by live chat or you can also schedule an appointment at an apple genius bar. Even google doesn’t give this type of service to their customer.

7. More Resell Value than Android Phones

The iPhone Resell Value is better than an android phone. If you will sell you one or two-year-old android smartphone you will get much less money than you paid. If you sell your older iPhone you will easily get offers of the double value of an android phone that came out at the same time.

8. Family Sharing

With Family Sharing on the iPhone, you can share your purchases from App Store, iTunes and iBooks With up to six loved ones. When your child or Little brother wants to make purchase any app or game, you will receive notification via Ask to Buy feature so can keep eye on them that what they are downloading and buy so you can also prevent the bill shock.

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