Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in the World 2020

Top 10 Pubg players in the world 2020

The voguish Battle Royale game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG initially came in 2017, and on March 19, 2018, it came out with its mobile version. Since then, it is gaining immense popularity around the globe. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world 2020 later on in this page.
There’s nothing any difference between the PC version and the mobile version of PUBG besides of few adjustments. You can download this game free over the internet.
As per the game, you will land on the island of 8*8 km, where you have to accumulate some required things such as clothing, drugs and first aid supplies and a set of weapons. You can play by yourself, with anybody else and in a group of 4-person including you. In the 30-minutes span of the game, you have to battle to make earnings and get the required items and at last, the winner will get a chicken dinner and recognized as a celebrity.
Now, this game has over 200 million users, from which 30 million are those who remain active every day. Moreover, among these 200 million players, there are top 10 mobile players in the world who have emerged as best players of PUBG. You can also watch these best top players gameplay on their YouTube channel.

Here’s a list of top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world 2020

Athena Gaming

Athena Gaming or Serioton belongs to Korea and is one of the top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world. He is popular with his skills in pro-level gaming, close-range battle, sniping talent and First Person perspective/ Third Person Perspective(FPP/TPP) gameplay mode.
Athena Gaming has his own YouTube channel named Athena Gaming where he is seen playing solo matches most of the time.


Coffin, recently known as sp-coffin (past PUBG name) is from Turkey and became the God of PUBG mobile with his extreme fast reflexes, close-range combat, pro-level tactical gameplay skills. He is a champion for both SOLO and SQUAD high-level matches and best known for ruthless games. Apart from this, he has over 400k YouTube subscribers and the best PUBG player of the turkey. Statistics also show that he is on the list of the top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world.


Bawonchai han, based out of Bangkok, is a 23-year-old PUBG mobile player. D2E is his PUBG mobile name and RRQ is the highest-ranked PUBG Mobile team of which he is a member. RRQ was represented by D2E in local and international tournaments and being conquerer player, he holds an excellent K/D ratio. So, all this stands out him one of the top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world.


Biubiu is based out of Malaysia and is a pro-level PUBG mobile player. He initially played the PUBG mobile on the China-based server and later on, he turned to the Asia server. On his YouTube channel, Biubiu streams out many of his PUBG mobile games to his viewers. Season 3 Squad Rank Conquerer based on the Asia server, Season 4 Squad Rank Conquerer based on china server, Season 4 squad Rank Conquerer based on china server are some of his best-played matches. Not only he is the best player in Malaysia, but he also comes in the list of top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world.


In the list of top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world, Rollexxx is another name based out of the United States of America. Besides his strength in acute gameplay and rush-timing, being a member of the e-sports team lights out, he has uploaded his intense squad matches on his YouTube channel. According to statistics, he is among the top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world.


IzZo, from Denmark, is one of the renowned PUBG mobile players of the Globe. He has tremendous strength in his assertive gameplay, plus, known for pro-level gaming, fast reflexes, and many other skills. Being a SQUAD and duo match player, he has more than 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel, however, not to be an e-sporting squad. The ranking demonstrates that he is one of the best top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world.


Levinho , based in Sweden, is another perfect PUBG mobile player in the battle royale. In addition to this, among his achievements, he has gained over 500 headshots in all seasons of PUBG mobile along with s+ rating for his game and MVP for SQUAD matches. On his YouTube channel that he has made to upload his PUBG mobile matches, he often seems playing with the Mrishk, an e-sport squad. Levinho, renowned as one of the best PUBG players of Sweden and also sits in the list of top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world.

BTR Zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy is the best PUBG player in Indonesia and ranks in the list of top 10 players of PUBG mobile in the world. He is renowned for his ability to use sniper guns, excellence in Pochinki and pro-level gaming skills. To show his PUBG mobile games to his viewers, he also has a Youtube channel.


Tobias panda is another pro-level PUBG mobile player, based in Germany. He is an expert in melee gameplay, close-combat, sniping abilities, tactical warfare gaming, and fast reflexes, other than the best revival rate in Germany. Like other players, panda also has his YouTube channel to live-broadcast his games.

SOUL Mortal

The most popular PUBG player based in Mumbai, India, named Naman Mathur or SOUL Mortal, a 22-year-old player got massive popularity after uploading several PUBG games on his YouTube channel. Besides of conquerer player of season 3, the PUBG mobile India series 2019 was won by his team e-sports SOUL and therefore sets his name in the list of top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world 2020.


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