IQOO is being launched in India, Virat becomes brand ambassador

Brand Ambassador of IQOO in India

China’s premium and high-performance smartphone brand iQOO is ready to play its innings in the Indian smartphone market. The company will launch its first in India on 25 February. Just before the event, the company has appointed Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador of IQOO in India.

China has a good market in the Indian market. China’s premium and high-performance smartphone brand iQOO is being launched. The company’s focus is completely on the youth and in view of this, the company has made Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli its face. The company believes that like Virat, young people who are focused and always paying attention to performance will like this brand. Because iQOO also only focuses on high performance.

IQOO’s focus is entirely on youth

iQOO’s focus is solely on touching the heart of the youth who are energetic and know how to focus on performance. The company claims that the youth will like this brand a lot. The company will launch its first product on 25 February. The brand campaign will be launched with the smartphone iQOO 3, in which Virat Kohli will be seen. With the launch, iQOO 3 will be available for sale on Flipkart.

Virat Kohli as Brand Ambassador of IQOO in India

Virat is obviously the king of the cricket world and he has achieved this position only because of his passion, match-winning performance and magnetic personality. Virat will soon be seen in the integrated campaign.

The first teaser of which has gone live on the brand’s social media handle, channel and partner Flipkart. The second phase of the campaign will roll out with the launch itself on 25 February. It will be simultaneously live on Digital, Print and Flipkart. The campaign will be on air during the IPL season.
Its purpose will be to inspire those who are ready to break their limits and push forward. Speaking on the campaign’s announcement, iQOO director-marketing Gagan Arora said, “We want to reach out to the youth and energetic people who are ready to respond to any challenge.” Virat is the best for the personality of our brand and he is also happy to be the face of iQOO. We are hoping that our focus on high performance and innovation in the premium segment will reach people through the campaign.


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