When Should I Purchase A New Or Used Forklift?

used forklift

Purchasing a forklift is making a long-term investment. You want to do it right. You also want one that adds value to your business and is the best your money can get. Operators who want to purchase a forklift can either buy a new forklift or a used forklift.

A used diesel forklift price is lower by about 45% than a new one. Consider many reasons before settling on buying a new or a used forklift. Before committing to purchasing a forklift, below are some things you should know.

When Should I Purchase A Used Forklift? 

A used forklift can be a good solution if your forklift has a problem that may not be economical for servicing. A used forklift is a good choice only to some extent. There is a difference between getting a forklift and a good, used forklift. The former is readily available, but it may take some time to get the latter.

Some of the factors that you should purchase a used forklift include:

You Have A Tight Budget

The price of a used forklift is lower than that of a new forklift. With just a fraction of a new diesel forklift price, you can choose a model you like of a used forklift. Just like other equipment, the depreciation of a forklift reduces its economic value, making it cheaper.

However, the maintenance cost of this forklift increases due to the reduced intervals of repair. Yes, you save on the upfront fee, but you prepare for more expenses in the future.

Ease of Use

Unlike new forklifts with advanced ergonomic features, used forklifts do not have these features. The operator finds it easy to operate them with their pre-existing knowledge.

Used forklifts are a good idea for short-term operations. It may need to be more scalable for a business that wants to expand operations and increase the capabilities of its warehouses.

You Want A Forklift Immediately

There is no waiting time for a used forklift as they are readily available anytime you need them, unlike the new forklifts you must get from a trusted manufacturer. A used forklift is a good option for a short-term solution just in case your new forklift experiences unexpected failure, and you need operations to continue.

When Should I Purchase a New Forklift?

A new forklift offers many advantages making it a good material handling equipment. 

It may be favorable to purchase a new forklift in case of the following reasons:

You Require Greater Efficiency and Maximum Uptime

A new forklift can work for more than four hours. They come with new capabilities and technological advancements that make them more efficient than old models. They come with greater power and lifting capacity, enabling them to work optimally for longer hours.

If You Are Looking For Greater Durability

Machine failure reduces the productivity of any business. A new forklift is a good choice to avoid unexpected breakdowns or failure in the middle of work. They come with the latest technology that makes it possible to detect a problem earlier before they occur. They only require a little maintenance cost, which sometimes reduces the functionality of a forklift.

You Need Specialized Forklifts

While the used forklift is readily available, getting fully specialized material handling equipment with everything you need might take some time. With a new forklift, you can order a specialized forklift with the features you want or ones you plan to start using. New forklifts come with many attachment options, which you can use for many jobs. You can easily customize new forklifts to do more roles.

Do You Want Higher Tax Write-Offs?

A business that buys a new forklift can write off its purchase cost. You have up to 100% depreciation, depending on the equipment you purchase. For tax advantages, a new forklift is a good solution for your business.

Many things come into play when making an informed decision about purchasing a forklift.

Given the costs and capabilities, a new forklift can be the best choice. It will serve for a long time and long hours. With a proper new machine from a trusted manufacturer in India, scale your business by purchasing a new forklift.


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