Used Car Loan For Cars Older Than 10 Years: Tips To Finance Used Car

Car Loan
Car Loan

Purchasing an old car has its perks, like – reduced cost, lower customisation expense, a lower insurance premium and much more. When you buy a car older than 10 years, it may come with a history. Various events, such as collisions and crashes, could have impacted the car’s interiors or exteriors. In case you’re buying a used car older than 10 years, it is critical to understand the car’s history before you make this purchase. As a buyer, if you seek to finance cars older than ten years, you are often faced with a financial dilemma. Here are the essential tips to keep in mind while financing a Car Loan for a used car older than 10 years.

Ways To Finance A Car Loan For Used Car

First, get the car checked by a dedicated mechanic to ensure that you make an efficient purchase. After that, find a loan provider to help you get the lump sum amount to purchase the used car.

  1. Credit Score – Knowing the credit score is the first step while applying for a Used Car Loan. An individual with a low credit score can also qualify for a Used Car Loan. But in this case, the interest rates might be high than usual as the rate of interest varies depending upon the applicant’s credibility. Individuals with a higher credit score typically get lower interest rates along with attractive offers and schemes.
  2. Loan amount – Ensure the loan amount you have applied for is in line with your finances. Because applying for a higher loan amount may exceed your budget and this could lead to issues such as defaulting on the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI). You can use a Used Car Loan calculator and understand how much amount would go into the purchase and thereby make efficient decisions accordingly.
  3. Financing Quotes – It is a good idea to get quotes from various lenders before settling with a dealer. Numerous financial institutions provide used car financing. However, the loan terms and conditions, interest rates, repayment flexibility, and additional charges may vary. Gather quotes from the available options to narrow down the best options to finance your used car.
  4. Loan Tenure – You might get tempted to apply for a longer repayment duration as it eases the EMI payments. However, extending the loan tenure makes the total loan repayment costlier. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the tenure as short as possible. Additionally, you should be careful when evaluating the upcoming expenses and obligations before deciding on the loan tenure. A loan taken for a shorter period may involve paying higher EMIs. Carefully understand your repaying ability while determining the loan tenure to avoid defaulting on the Used Car Loan EMI.
  5. Down Payment – It is recommended that buyers put forth a more significant downpayment to avail greater benefits while applying for a Car Loan for used cars. A larger down payment helps reduces your loan amount and makes you eligible for more attractive interest rates and offers. Saving and putting 20% or more as a downpayment can help you significantly reduce the cost of the loan.
  6. Additional Fees – Applicants may be tempted to add additional charges, such as sales tax and documentation fees, to the loan amount. But it is advised to cater such expenses upfront rather than rolling them into the loan amount and paying additional interest.
  7. Timing – Timing is critical when applying for any loan. Individuals should get a Used Car Loan when the interest rates are comparatively low. A general practice could be to research the interest rates during different times of the year to find the best time to apply for a loan.
  8. Co-signer – For those who don’t have a credit history or have a low credit score, it is better to have a co-signer for the loan. A co-signer with a good credit history can help you get better loan offers and more attractive interest rates.


Finding the right financing helps get the best-used cars in the market. While buying used cars older than ten years, one must analyse the car’s condition carefully and pay attention to its history along with other factors such as usage, current condition and add-on features. Also, thoroughly evaluate the future expenses before deciding on the loan amount. A Used Car Loan calculator helps applicants analyse future costs. It is critical to evaluate the best available options and interest rates, understand the timing and assess personal finances before selecting a suitable loan amount.


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