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top 5 pubg mobile content creators
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Currently, mobile gaming is quickly taking its position in mainstream media. Since last year, PUBG mobile streaming is capturing the hearts of millions of players around the world. Simply because of ease of access, a lower barrier of entry, and relatively cheaper access, PUBG mobile is now changing the entire demographics of experience. Even those who are unfamiliar with games are to this next best thing. Leading on the frontline of mobile content creation are top content creators who not only popularized PUBG games and made a name for themselves in the realm of video content, especially YouTube. In this post, you will find Top 5 Pubg Mobile content creators in the world. Let’s take a look. 

1. Dynamo – Total Subscribers 8.33M

First and foremost, our list of the top five most popular PUBG mobile content creators is none other than Dynamo Gaming. It is the biggest PUBG mobile channel across all platforms. Not to mention Dynamo is one of the earliest streamers. It quickly rose to fame because of cool gameplay and mild-mannered natures. As a regular streamer, Dynamo made game streaming interactive and engaging. He also plays on the emulator, but have in-hand experience on mobile devices. 

2. Levinho – Total Subscribers 7.91M

Next on our list is a fantastic player from Sweden, Levinho is among first PUBG mobile content creators to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. Mostly he uploaded highlights along with unboxing and some troll videos. He is one of the most entertaining content creators on YouTube. In the last four months, Levinho’s growth is on its rise of 500k subscribers per month. 

3. Atro – Total Subscribers 7.81M

Third, on our list of the top five most popular PUBG mobile content creators is Atro. He is a dashing looking live streamer from Netherland. The primary language of his content is Arabic. On a regular day, he streams life and uploaded highlights from his gameplay. Originally from Iraq – 26 years of Atro plays primarily on emulator. He is also one of the fastest rising PUBG mobile YouTubers with upwards of 2.5M subscribers since the start of May 2020.

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4. Panda – Total Subscribers 6.74M

Panda has +6M subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the most recognizable names in the PUBG mobile community and is known for making his fresh gameplay video content. Panda is 23-years old and got a massive name among PUBG players. Not to mention he is part of many communities and has attended Global Extreme Challenge. Especially in Europe and North America, his gameplay and game settings are quite popular. Plus, Panda’s second YouTube channel called BluePanda also has over 2M subscribers. 

5. MortaL – Total Subscribers 5.85

Last but not least – the only professional play in our list, MortaL. Certainly, MortaL is the most influential figure, and he plays professionally for Team SouL. He is a pro streamer and holds a record of the highest concurrent viewership during a PUBG mobile stream. MortaL talent does not require any stage. Recently recognized internationally, he was nominated for Esports Awards 2020. Along with him, there are Pokimane, TimtheTatman, Summit1G, Dr. Lupo, and more in a steamer of the year category. For the entire South Asia region, MortaL stand alongside some of the most prominent name in the gaming industry. 

Wrapping Up 

Team Tencent recently launch a new map for PUBG gamers. There is a unique event involving Egyptian Pharaoh and The Ancient Secret. That been said, PUBG mobile is here to stay. The games offer a complete entertainment and are quickly becoming ever more appealing. All thanks for PUBG mobile content creators for providing critical insight and new gameplay strategies to the viewers.

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