Top 10 In Demand Digital Marketing Skills [Updated List 2021]

top 10 in demand digital marketing skills
List of best digital marketing skills 2021

Individual communication, identifying what connects with them, and providing this content to them in the most effective way possible are all part of digital marketing.

More than simply asking your audience to buy a product or service, digital marketers want to create a connection in which the audience picks you voluntarily.

Learning the best digital marketing abilities will help you improve your digital marketing skills and prepare you for the job market.

To be an effective digital marketer, you’ll need soft skills like effective communication, empathy, and curiosity.

Analyzing, designing, and implementing various digital marketing campaigns and plans, on the other hand, need digital marketing expertise.

According to research published by The Economist Group and DMI, 74 percent of marketing executives recognize that a lack of digital marketing capabilities is causing a talent gap in their organizations.

Upskilling in the field of digital marketing might assist you in acquiring these abilities.

Top In Demand Digital Marketing Skills

  1. Search engine Optimization
  2. PPC or Pay per Click
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Product/UX Design
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Content Writing or Copywriting
  7. Video Content Creation
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, isn’t new digital marketing expertise. A digital marketing specialist, on the other hand, must be familiar with SEO.

It’s an excellent method to contribute to your company’s organic growth.

When you post valuable content regularly, search engines like Google can determine whether your website is essential and rank it in the search engine results, or SERP.

SEO processes include building effective digital marketing campaigns, searching for keywords, valuable content, a good structure, backing and fixing site faults.

By 2021, SEO will have a 14 percent average conversion rate from organic search.

SEO is a great starting point if you want to enhance your digital marketing skills or start a career in this field.

2. Pay per Click or PPC

While appearing top in organic search results has long-term benefits, establishing this presence can take some time.

Pay-per-click advertising is one way to get more relevant visibility quickly.

Your business will be assumed to be in the top ranks with PPC, but you will be charged for each click your ad receives.

However, because ad relevancy and quality are considered, buying more does not always imply showing up more.

PPC is a skill because of its relevance and excellence. You need to know how to balance or manage your budget which keywords to target, which channel and ad format(s) to utilize, and how to create a consistent experience for your audience. In the United States, a PPC expert earns an average of $58,820 a year.

Your cost per click will be lower, and your earnings would be higher if your advertising is better.

PPC advertising is not limited to search engines. This digital marketing talent is essential because it is used on social media, websites, applications, directories, and more.

3. Data Analytics

As the volume of content produced daily grows, so does the need for data-driven decisions.

Brands now have more tools at their disposal to track various metrics like engagement, likes, and comments, which can help them make better decisions.

With the introduction of this data-driven mindset, we must also enhance our digital marketing skills.

Because data science and analytics positions are in high demand, digital marketers must grasp how data analytics affects their jobs and take advantage of the benefits of data analytics.

Taking a Data Science and Business Analytics Course can help you improve your abilities and keep on top of the digital landscape as it evolves.

Understanding how to analyze data on multiple digital platforms is critical, and mastering primary query languages like SQL will help tremendously.

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4. Product/ UX Design 

The experience a user gets once they’ve found your business is one of the determining factors in online marketing success.

Customers want to effortlessly navigate through your material while also having an aesthetically beautiful and simplified experience.

Customers will frequently judge a company’s credibility solely based on the style of its website.

UX designers ensure that products, websites, and other online platforms are simple to use and deliver a pleasant experience for customers.

Design, unlike most of the abilities described in this article, is not directly responsible for attracting new clients or generating leads.

It is, however, responsible for ensuring that all of a company’s other internet marketing efforts are optimal.

It makes no difference if you are an expert in SEO, social media marketing, or email marketing.

All of your efforts will be for nought if clients can’t readily access, navigate, and use your website and products.

And, given the modern consumer’s rising expectations, this skill set is more critical than ever.

5. Social Media Marketing

More people are using social media sites now than ever before.

When COVID-19 hit the earth, forcing us to move to digital media, digital marketers observed a rise in the use of social media platforms.

Businesses had no choice but to boost their social media operations.

When it comes to digital marketing abilities, having a thorough understanding of social media platforms and how to leverage them is critical.

The world of social media is continuously shifting. New features and tools are released every day, so it’s critical to keep your digital marketing abilities up to date.

Social media strategies are likewise data-driven and based on insights.

You now have access to various analytics across many platforms, including likes, comments, shares, and link clicks, among others.

Digital marketers can learn which content works best for them by tracking all of these factors.

6. Content Writing or CopyWriting 

About 60% of marketers consider content marketing to be high or very crucial to their marketing strategy.

You’ve probably heard the digital marketing cliche “content is king,” and it’s still true in 2021.

Any digital marketing discipline, from SEO to PPC and email marketing, focuses on effective writing.

Quality content marketing increases audience engagement, social media traction, lead generation, and site authority, to name a few perks.

While good graphic design and working with a UX designer might help keep people interested, the content themselves must be worthwhile.

Customers nowadays want to know the backstory and mission of the businesses they consider purchasing before making a purchase.

Quality content marketers can do this by crafting a brand narrative and determining which medium to communicate it on.

If you’re having trouble getting traction with your marketing efforts, a good writer could be just what you need.

Customers are interested in learning more about the brands they are considering. More particularly.

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7. Video Content Creation

Today, approximately 85% of all internet users in the United States watch online video material on all of their devices every month.

Video marketing is less expensive and easier to produce than ever before, but it is also more vital than ever before in terms of launching a successful digital marketing campaign.

With just your iPhone, you can make a stunning marketing video in just 5 minutes.

If you want to raise brand awareness, you need to use visual marketing.

Video adds another dimension to your marketing platforms, allowing you to cut through the clutter and surplus content that abounds on the internet.

Adding a video component to your website, in particular, can significantly increase traffic and help you raise the search engine results pages (SERPS).

When you use tools like video, your digital marketing efforts are multiplied.

Mobile marketing will be everything in 2021, and mobile consumers will be glued to high-quality video content.

If you want people to notice you, the first thing you should do is start filming.

8. Mobile Marketing

The skill of mobile marketing is one of the most in-demand yet often ignored skills.

While there are some parallels between desktop and mobile marketing, there are enough variances to make this a stand-alone talent.

To truly offer value to the company, you must first comprehend these distinctions and why they matter to the entire company.

You must also discuss the more complex components of mobile marketing, such as SMS and responsive design, effectively.

One of the best things about mobile marketing jobs is that they are much less competitive than SEO or social media marketing roles, despite being in high demand by most organizations.

Everyone and their brother seems to be a self-proclaimed “Facebook Guru” or SEO guru these days.

How frequently do you hear about mobile marketing managers, on the other hand?
Mastering mobile marketing is a difficult task.

But if you succeed, you’ll stand out from the crowd of other digital marketers.
This virtually guarantees high-paying jobs for the foreseeable future.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most significant aspects of online business.

You can make a lot of money every month with absolutely no effort if you have a massive email list and know how to leverage it.

Learn email marketing instead of spending hours every day looking for new clients if you want to be someone who has employers pounding on your door.

And I don’t just mean sending out conversion-oriented emails.

I’m referring to the entire procedure.

Most companies, after all, have no qualms about hiring someone who can produce high-quality emails that result in a few conversions.

However, email marketing entails more than just sending out some snazzy emails.

Companies require someone who can assist them in creating large lists from the ground up and then using those lists to achieve a range of objectives.

It isn’t easy to build tens of thousands-strong email lists without already having a client base.

And if you know how to accomplish that, you have a particular skill on your hands.

People who can use those lists to develop their social media following, promote new items, and generate new sales are also needed by businesses.

You’ll have clients clamouring to work with you if you can manage the email marketing process from beginning to end.

10. Conversion Rate Optimization

So you’ve mastered copywriting, SEO, PPC, and email marketing, and you’re using them to drive a lot of visitors to your website.

Keep up the excellent work! However, you are not yet a digital marketing guru.
What good are these visitors if they don’t take action on your website?

This is where conversion rate optimization, or CRO, enters the scene to round out the picture.

Conversion refers to the precise action you want a visitor to take on any given page of your website—request a quote, download a free guide, or subscribe to your mailing list.

Various factors influence visitors’ willingness to take these desired actions, and CRO aims to uncover the conditions that lead to maximum engagement.

A/B testing, conversion funnels, and engagement metrics like bounce rate are all part of your CRO skillset.

Copy, layout, button colours, speed, and even site structure and navigation are all page components that influence conversion.

Learn In Demand Digital Marketing Skills in 2021

As new trends and marketing tools emerge in the marketplace, digital marketing technical skills must be updated on a regular basis.

Every digital marketing professional should learn from the professionals and continue to try new things.

If you work in marketing or as a digital marketing manager, the year 2021 will be a terrific time to learn and grow as the business world becomes more connected with online marketing technologies.

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